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This article is about the Chocolove chocolate manufacturing company. For the Shaman King character, see List of Shaman King characters#Joco McDonnell. For the Japanese pop group, see Chocolove from AKB48.
Privately held company
Industry Confectionery production
Founded 1996
Founder Timothy Moley
Headquarters Boulder, Colorado, United States
Products Chocolates

Chocolove is a chocolate manufacturer with headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Timothy Moley, the company produces all-natural and organic chocolate bars. They also produce a line of single-origin, vintage[clarification needed] chocolate bars under the brand name Chocolatour.

Chocolove imports chocolate and cocoa butter from Belgium to produce its chocolate bars.

Chocolove was the first American company to indicate the cocoa content percentage on its wrappers, beginning in 1995.[1] Chocolove is still owned and operated by its founder, chocolatier Timothy Moley.


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