Choice (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics
First appearance Hardcase #2
Created by James Hudnall
In-story information
Alter ego Amy Tran Kwitny
Team affiliations The Choice Corporation
Abilities Superhuman strength, resistance to injury, senses and reflexes,
Energy projection,
Forcefield generation

Choice is a fictional character that appeared in Malibu Comics Ultraverse line of comic book series. Her first appearance was in Hardcase #2, and appeared mainly in that title.

Amy Tran Kwitny was the young woman who went on to become Choice. The Choice Corporation's desire to create a corporate spokesmodel to compete with Ultratech's corporate symbol, Prototype, led to the creation of Choice. Amy Tran was a former subject of Aladdin experiments and considered an ideal subject. She was reacquired by the agency to be their test subject.

Aladdin and NuWare pooled their resources to make Amy Tran the first bioenhanced ultra. Sections of her brain were replaced with wetware implants created from the brain tissue of Forsa and Starburst, former members of the Squad. A period of testing and mental conditioning ensued, and Choice, as Amy Tran was now called, was turned over to CEO Bob Dixon, who used her as a spokesmodel and mistress.

A media sensation, Choice endorsed the Choice Corporation's products. They planned to later reveal her ultra powers, thereby skyrocketing her popularity. Unfortunately, her mental conditioning began to break down due to Dixon's sexual abuses. Choice was moved to Brazil to be reconditioned, but escaped.

Subconsciously influenced by Starburst's memories, Choice sought out Hardcase to help her. He promised to protect her, and they soon started a relationship.

The Alternate informed Hardcase and Choice that Aladdin's Groom Lake facility held the answer to her origins. They attempted to invade it, but confronted by the Aladdin Assault Squad, the heroes changed their plans. Contacting the Solution, they asked Tech to hack into Aladdin's computers and download the information for them.

Seconds after she learned the horrible truth, mages from Xuria, a land on the Godwheel, teleported Choice to them to protect them from their mad god Xorn. She destroyed Xorn, but discovered his death had severe consequences. She also discovered she was pregnant. Needed by the people of Xuria, she elected to stay. Later, apparently free of her obligations, Choice reunited with Hardcase.

Black September[edit]

In the aftermath of the Black September Event, Choice's whereabouts were unknown. Seeing as how the Squad themselves may have no longer existed in this altered reality, it is very possible that Amy Tran Kwitny never became Choice and lived a normal life or, rather, may not have ever existed at all herself in the Post-Black September world.


Choice was able to "choose" from a variety of ultra-powers, all of which had to be verbally activated and lasted one hour with a two hour recharge time. Choice was able to fly, project energy beams from her eyes which could melt several inches of steel or cause concussive force, form a forcefield around herself, increase her strength and enhance her senses to a 25-mile (40 km) range. Her reflexes were enhanced as well, but not affected by her one hour limitation.

Choice's abilities were activated in a very similar fashion like the Legion of Super-Heroes character Ultra Boy mixed with a Magical Girl character like Sailor Moon.