Chole bhature

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Chole bhature
Chana masala.jpg, Bhatura.jpg
Bhatura served with chole
Alternative names Chana bhatura,Chola poori
Course Breakfast, snack
Place of origin India
Main ingredients Chickpeas, maida flour
Variations paneer bhatura, Puri Bhaji
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Chole bhature (Hindi: छोले भटूरे, Punjabi: ਛੋਲੇ ਭਟੂਰੇ), is a combination of chole (spicy chick peas) and fried bread called bhatoora (made of maida flour).[1]

Serving methods[edit]

It is a heavy breakfast which is generally accompanied with lassi. Chole bhature are served with onions, carrot pickle, green chutney and achaar. Chole Bhature is a breakfast invented in Delhi post partition and now a days, it is popular breakfast around north-west India and other parts of the Country.


For some unknown reason everywhere the chick-pea preparation is spelled as "CHOLE or CHOLEY". Phonetically this is incorrect. The actual spelling should be CHHOLEY. There are different varieties of bhature available such as aloo bhatura (bhatura filled with boiled potato), paneer bhatura (bhatura filled with cottage cheese) etc.The accompaniment is a variety of chick peas quite different from what is served with Kulcha, Naan or Chawal. Amritsari Chholey IS NOT a standard accompaniment with Bhature. On the other hand the usual accompaniment is a relatively dry preparation called "Pindi Chana".


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