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Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT, Chinese: 重庆理工大学),formerly Chongqing Institute of Technology (Chinese: 重庆工学院), is a public university located in Chongqing, China.


The institute was established on September 18, 1940. It has around 17,000 students and 2,650 teachers.[when?][citation needed]

CQUT maintains two campuses: the old campus, located in YangJiaPing (杨家评), and the new campus, located in LiJiaTuo, about 20 minutes away by bus.[citation needed] The university is gradually moving its operations to the new campus, which is expanding rapidly. The old campus is mostly used for administrative purposes now, although some students still live and take classes there.

The university currently[when?] has around 14,000 students and 3,000 faculty members, including eight English-speaking foreign teachers.[citation needed] The University of Technology also recently[when?] began offering classes for international students.[1] In the 2008–2009 school year, around 30 students from such countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Denmark, Germany and the United States studied Chinese in the Department of Foreign Affairs.[citation needed]

Chongqing University of Technology used to be named after Chongqing Technology Institute, one of the four universities with a traditional ordnance department.[citation needed] It is originated from the 11th Technical School of the Department of War Industry, which was founded in 18 September in 1940. The 11th Technical School of the Department of War Industry was called 21-Factory Technical School in short, and its external anonym was "Shiji Public School". Although its public identity was technical school, it actually acted to train professionals of weapon producing for national government. Now the university is stronger in engineering, economic management and basic engineering. Especially its discipline of automobile manufacturing and researches in drive technology, thermal engine technology and transmission technology are on top in the state. It becomes one of the benchmark schools in the state for its researches in automobile design, thermal engine and automobile suspension system. It established Chongqing Automobile Institute and the first CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Institute in the state in the sequence with Changan Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, and Honda in joint capital.[citation needed]

The university has diploma students, undergraduates and postgraduates, and grants bachelor degree, master degree and titles of researchers and associate researchers in institutes in Chongqing City.[citation needed] Now it is a common tertiary institution supervised by Chongqing government and Ministry of Ordnance Industry (current China South Industries Group Corporation).


In 18 September 1940, its origin, the 11th Technical School of the Department of War Industry of National Government of the Republic of China was founded.[citation needed] It was jointly managed by Ministry of Defense and Department of War Industry of central National Government. In order to keep it confidential its anonym was "Shiji Public School", the principle of which was Lieutenant General Chenggan Li.

In November 1949, the army of the Communist Party took Chongqing by storm.[citation needed] The 11th Technical School was renamed to Chongqing Polytechnic College, and controlled by military government of Southwest Bureau of the CCP.

In April 1965, the institution was updated and renamed to Chongqing Industry College, under the fifth Ministry of Machine building.[citation needed] It had several key laboratories of Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Ordnance Industry. In fact it was one of the universities with ordnance department which served for national defense.

In May 1999, it was renamed to Chongqing Technical College and granted master degrees.[citation needed] It was still controlled by Ministry of Ordnance Industry and later jointly supervised by the Chongqing government and Ordnance Industry Corporation.

In March 2009, Ministry of Education of the PRC agreed to rename it "Chongqing University of Technology", and then the establishment of several key laboratories for automobile manufacturing was reported.[citation needed]

On 16 May 2009, the university formally accepted the name, changing to "Chongqing University of Technology".[citation needed] It is jointly supervised by Chongqing government and China South Industries Group Corporation. It is one of the remaining four universities with ordnance department.


Full-time teachers of Chongqing University of Technology account for 54% of the total number of teachers, which ranks top in Chongqing City and the southwestern area of China.[citation needed] In recent five years it has in sequence undertaken 1,390 state-level and province-level major research projects and horizontal cooperation projects including through the National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation. Two of them have gained the National Science and Technology Award.[citation needed] Its vehicle engineering is state-level key discipline, and its province-level key disciplines are biological engineering, drive and thermal engine, automation, basic accounting and pharmaceutical engineering. The university also has over 30 university-level institutes and over 160 out-of-campus practice bases.[citation needed]


Main campus
Yangjiaping campus (old campus)

Address: No. 4 Xingsheng Road, Yangjiaping, Chongqing. Postcode: 400050.[citation needed]

It has buildings with green tiles which were the site of Crown Corps of Military Council of National Government and headquarters of the 8th theater.[citation needed] Now they are key cultural relics preservation sites in Chongqing City. Most of the old campus is being destroyed and torn down.[when?][citation needed] Trees are being removed and sent to the new campus while buildings are being torn down. Most faculty and almost all students are now located on the new campus.

Huaxi campus (new campus)

Address: No. 69 Hongguang Avenue, Lijiatuo, Banan District, Chongqing City. Postcode: 400054.[citation needed]


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