Choong Family

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Choong Family
Origin United Kingdom
Genres grime
Labels Eastside Gridlockaz Records (UK)
Members Afix (Rapper)
Scandal (Rapper/Singer)
Nutz P (Rapper)

Choong Family or Choong Fam as they are sometimes known, are a four piece group originating from east London, consisting of Rappers Afix and Nutz P, and Singers Scandal and HT. They are best known for their single "More Murking". The group released their first album "Higher Elevation" in 2005.



Statistics Singles
Baptism of Fire
  • Released: May 25, 2009

Singles Released

  • "Solitude"
  • "Adrenaline"
  • "Spray/Skank Music"


Statistics Singles
Higher Elevation
  • Released: June 1, 2005
Singles Released
  • "I'm Choong"
  • "More Murking"
  • "Fall Back"
  • "Memory Lane"
  • "Injury Time"

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