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For the Australian reality television series, see The Chopping Block.
Chopping Block
Author(s) Lee Adam Herold
Launch date July 25, 2000
Genre(s) Dark humor

Chopping Block is a webcomic by Lee Adam Herold, hosted on Keenspot. It chronicles the exploits of Butch Reginald Mann, a hockey mask-wearing serial killer who is equal parts Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, and Ziggy. The strip takes a one-panel format with a text caption underneath the picture, and is updated sporadically; Herold admits that he will "update from time to time, then... disappear for even longer."[1] Through 28 December 2007 Herold committed himself to making 5 updates a week, but from 21 February 2008 for the rest of 2008 there were no updates. On January 1, 2009, updates appeared to resume their normal schedule, only to stop again on May 5, 2009, this time for over a year. Chopping Block again began updating on November 1, 2010.

Chopping Block uses a distinct, gray-tone art style that is both inked and sponged before being scanned into the computer.[2]


In 2001, Chopping Block won the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards for Best Concept, Best Male Character (Butch), Best Gag Comic, and Best Other Genre Comic; it was also nominated for the award for Best Art.[3] The next year it again won the awards for Best Male Character, Best Gag Comic, and Best Other Comic, and picked up the award for Best Art; it was also nominated for Best Comic.[4] In 2003 it received no awards, but was nominated for Outstanding Art, Outstanding Black and White Art, Outstanding Short Form Comic, and Outstanding Gag Comic.[5]

Other Media[edit]

Herold's Chopping Block artwork is also featured in the fan comic strip generator site


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