Chord Line, Tamil Nadu

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Chord Line
Other name Villupuram - Trichy railway line
Native name கார்டு லைன்
Type Regional rail
Heavy rail
Light rail
Status Operating
Locale Tamil Nadu
Termini Villupuram Jn
Tiruchirappalli Jn
Stations 29
Services 1
Opening February 1, 1929; 86 years ago (1929-02-01)
Owner Indian Railways
Operator(s) Southern Railway zone
Depot(s) Villupuram
Golden Rock
Line length 178 km (111 mi)
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Loading gauge 4,725 mm × 3,660 mm (15 ft 6.0 in × 12 ft 0.1 in) (BG)[1]
Electrification 25 kV AC 50 Hz
Operating speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
Route number 21/21A[2]
Chord Line, Tamil Nadu
to Chennai Egmore
to Katpadi Junction
0 Viluppuram Junction Bus interchange Parking
National Highway 45A (India) National Highway 45A
to Puducherry
to Cuddalore Port Junction
22 Kandambakkam
Thenpennai River
24 Tiruvennainallur
25 Parikkal
Gedilam River
36 Ulundurupet
National Highway 45 (India) National Highway 45
41 Meppuliyur
49 Puvanur
to Salem Junction
to Cuddalore Port Junction
State Highway India.png State Highway 69
55 Virudhachalam Junction Bus interchange Parking
Vellar River
State Highway India.png State Highway 16
National Highway 532 (India) National Highway 532
65 Vriddhachalam Town
70 Talanallur
74 Pennadam
State Highway India.png State Highway 141
Manjal River
79 Ichchangadu
83 Mathur
92 Sendurai
95 Vellur(Halt)
100 Ottakovil
Madras Cements
State Highway India.png State Highway 27
109 Ariyalur
Perambalur-Ariyalur Road
116 Sillakudi
National Highway 227 (India) National Highway 227
123 Kallagam
134 Kallakudi Palanganatham
138 Pullambadi
147 Kattur
Trichy-Paramsivapuram Road
152 Lalgudi
155 Mandurai
158 Valadi
National Highway 227 (India) National Highway 227
162 Pichchandarkovil
National Highway 45 (India) National Highway 45
164 Uttamarkovil
Kollidam River
167 Srirangam
170 Tiruchirappalli Town
to Thanjavur Junction
Diesel Loco Shed, Golden Rock
Golden Rock Railway Workshop
176 Ponmalai (Golden Rock) Bus interchange Parking
to Tiruchirappalli Goods yard
to Karur Junction
Good shed road overpass
178 Tiruchirappalli Junction Airport interchange Bus interchange Heritage railway Parking
Junction overpass
to Pudukkottai
Rail yard
to Dindigul Junction

The Chord Line connects Villupuram Jn and Tiruchirappalli Jn in Tamil Nadu. It is the vital, shortest and busiest route connecting Chennai Egmore and Southern Tamil Nadu.


Until 1927, Villupuram Jn and Tiruchirappalli Jn were only connected by Main line that traversed through Kumbakonam and Mayavaram, which was 240 kilometres (150 mi). Hence, the need for shorter route arose and construction began on 22 August 1927 for a new railway line via Vriddhachalam in phases. Initially, the stretch between Villupuram and Vriddhachalam were completed and opened on 1 December 1927, the Srirangam - Golden Rock stretch on 22 August 1927, Bikshandarkoil - Srirangam stretch on 12 December 1927 and the entire stretch began its operations since 1 February 1929. This line gradually reduced the Madras - Colombo journey by around four hours.[3]

Gauge conversions[edit]

Under Project Unigauge, the conversion from metre gauge to broad gauge was effected during 1992-93 and completed during September 1998.[4]


This stretch was proposed for electrification phase by phase by CORE. The electrification was completed during 2010.[5]


Passenger services[edit]

The line experiences a heaviest traffic[6] handling about 30 passenger and 56 express trains passing through every day in addition to goods train, particularly during night.[7][8][9]

Freight services[edit]

The line has a number of Industrial establishments[10] which utilises their nearby railway stations for their logistics and transports such as Central Workshop (Golden Rock), Cement and gypsum factories at Trichy, Perambalur and Ariyalur,[11][12][13] and the Sugar factories at Villupuram and Vridhachalam,[14]


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