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Gray19 with color.png
Transverse section of a chick embryo of forty-five hours’ incubation.
* Chordamesoderm: yellow, at notochord.
* Paraxial mesoderm: red, at somite.
* Intermediate mesoderm: purple, near Wolffian duct.
* Lateral plate mesoderm: purple, near "Somatic mesoderm" and "Splanchic mesoderm".
Precursor mesoderm
Gives rise to notochord
Gray's p.50
Anatomical terminology

Chordamesoderm, also known as axial mesoderm, is a type of mesoderm that lies along the central axis, under the neural tube.

  • will give rise to notochord
  • starts as the notochordal process, whose formation finishes at day 20.
  • important not only in forming the notochord itself but also in inducing development of the overlying ectoderm into the neural tube
  • will eventually induce the formation of vertebral bodies.
  • ventral floor of the notochordal process fuses with endoderm.
  • The notochord will form the nucleus pulposus of interverterbral discs. There is some discussion as to whether these cells contributed from the notochord are replaced by others from the adjacent mesoderm.

It gives rise to the notochordal process, which later becomes the notochord.

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