Chotiari Dam

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Chotiari Dam (Urdu: چوٹیاری ڈیم ‎) is an artificial water reservoir situated 35 km away from the Sanghar town in Sanghar District, Sindh, Pakistan. It was constructed in December 2002, at the total cost of Rs 6 billion. The main purpose of construction this dam is discharging saline water of Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD). The dam is extended to 24300 acres with storage capacity of 0.75 million acre feet.[1]

Before the construction of reservoir this site was home to few natural lakes were fed by tributaries of Nara Canal. It is also wetland and habitation of birds, reptiles and small mammals. Now environment and wildlife of this area is badly affected by discharging of saline water of Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD).

Coordinates: 26°08′46″N 69°09′40″E / 26.146°N 69.161°E / 26.146; 69.161 (Chotiari dam)


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