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Chou SD Sengokuden Touba Daishougun (超SD戦国伝 刕覇大将軍 lit. New SD Warring States: Touba Daishougun?) is the ninth work of the Musha Gundam series. The title of the Comic Bom Bom version is Chou Musha Gundam Touba Daishougun (超武者ガンダム 刕覇大将軍 lit. Super Musha Gundam: Touba Daishougun?). Running period, 1997 to 1998.


Similar with Bushin Kirahagane, this new work comes under "Chou SD Sengokuden". But now the stage is set approximately a hundred years after the previous work so direct connection is subtle.

The main characters are derived from plamodel "Master Grade" that are sold at that time and the mobile weapons from After War Gundam X. Some of the characters who are not released as BB Senshi can be recreated using parts from previous BB Senshis. Another special point of the BB Senshi of this work is their oversized weapons.

Great Daishougun vs. Majin Gundam


Thanks to the past efforts of the Touba San Daishougun, Ark had been peaceful for about a hundred years. But suddenly the Tekki Musha Army started going against the Gundams and to counter this the Shinsei Musha Army is formed. In the intense battle, Greatmaru lost both his brothers. Later he came to know the reason for the revolt of the Tekki Musha Army is due to someone changing the Tekki Kokoroe. Mazin Gundam is found to be the culprit behind the events. Through the power of the three Touba Ken, Greatmaru and Tekki Musha Master Zeta became the Touba Daishougun. Touba Daishougun then defeated Mazin Gundam restoring peace to Ark.


Shinsei Musha Army (新世武者軍団)[edit]

Brothers of Retteijou[edit]

Musha Greatmaru/ Great Daishougun (武者紅零斗丸/紅零斗大将軍)
Younger brother of Senjinmaru and Toujinmaru. He chased the Tekki Musha Army seeking revenge for the death of his brothers. After being defeated by Master Zeta, he felt his immaturity and went training with Gouken. Later on it was known that the Netherworld had a hand in the matter, he actively helped in the recovery of the Tekki Musha and together they battle the Netherworld.
Unknown to Greatmaru the true form of the Retsuryuutou(烈龍刀), which was handed down by Senjinmaru, is the Touba Ichigou Ken(刕覇壱号剣). With the power of the Touba Ichigou Ken and Nigou Ken Greatmaru combined with Master Zeta. Great Daishougun is the form taken when the consciousness of Greatmaru is stronger.
Shou Gundam Senjinmaru/ Tenkai Bushou Senjinmaru (将頑駄無 戦刃丸/天界武将 戦刃丸)
In this era with no Daishougun, Senjinmaru as the Shou Gundam governs Ark. Died in the attack of the Tekki Musha Army, later reincarnated to a Tenkai Bushou. But he broke the rule of Tenkai(天界) and came back to aid his brother as Kiba Shougun(騎馬将軍).
Choushougun Toujinmaru/ Spirit Musha Toujinmaru (超将軍 闘刃丸/魂武者 闘刃丸)
Choushougun of Ark, second of the three brothers. After the death of Senjinmaru he formed the Shinsei Musha Army but he fell to the same fate of death by the hands of the Tekki Musha Army. Later on he return as a spirit musha and guided Greatmaru and Master Zeta to become the true Touba Daishougun.

Gouken Gundam (豪剣頑駄無)

Fencing teacher of Greatmaru and his brothers. Was the previous Shou Gundam and had past experience battling the Netherworld, Hisen was his comrade then. In that battle he was injured badly and was half-machanized becoming half a tekki musha and thus able to change to a gigantic Goutekkenjin mode(豪鉄剣臣形態).

Hyakugeki Gundam (百撃頑駄無)

Second-in-command of the Shinsei Musha Army.

Kikou Gundam (鬼功頑駄無)

Leader of the Kouha Moushuu Tai(黄破猛襲隊).

Bakurin Gundam (爆輪頑駄無)

Leader of the Seizan Battou Tai(青斬抜刀隊).

Koretsu Gundam (荒烈頑駄無)

Leader of the Sekika Hougeki Tai(赤火砲撃隊).

Touba Daishougun (刕覇大将軍)

With the Touba Sangou Ken(刕覇参号剣) retrieved from within the Majin Meiouden and the other 2 Touba Ken, the mind and body of Greatmaru and Master Zeta truly become one. Touba Daishougun is the strongest form that possess the technique of Great Daishougun and the power of Master Zeta Daishougun. The three Touba Ken combined becomes the legendary sword, Dai Touba Ken(大刕覇剣).

Tenkai Musha (天界武者)[edit]

Retsuryuu Gundam (烈龍頑駄無)

Because of his wild behaviour, Tentei sealed him in the Retsuryuutou. During the battle with Chou Kidou Yami Shougun the Retsuryuutou is chipped, breaking the seal and setting Retsuryuu free. He then call out the real Chou Kidou Daishougun to battle the imitation Chou Kidou Yami Shougun.
In the Bom Bom version, he volunteered to be re-sealed in the Retsuryuutou and together with Greatmaru and the Tekki Musha battle against the Majin.
In the Comic World version, he helped physically with Greatmaru to battle Majin.

Reppu Gundam (烈風頑駄無)

A Tenkai Musha who appeared to re-seal Retsuryuu. But with Senjinmaru breaking the rule of Tenkai to return, he stayed to supervise the matter.

Tekki Musha Army (鉄機武者軍団)[edit]

Tekki Shou Hisen (鉄機将 飛閃)

Leader of the Tekki Musha. Built with the data of Victory Daishougun as base. Fought alongside Gouken Gundam during the time of the Touba San Daishougun, he was controlled by Majin Gundam when the Tekki Kokoroe was switched.

Tekki Musha Master Zeta/ Master Zeta Daishougun (鉄機武者 真星勢多/真星勢多大将軍)

A Tekki Musha built with the data of Kishin Daishougun Shiryuuou. The commander that led the attack of Retteijou. In that battle he killed Senjinmaru, he was caught in the act by Greatmaru and they became rivals. In fact Senjinmaru is killed by Majin Gundam. When the misunderstanding is resolved he fought alongside Greatmaru against the Nether forces.
Unknown to him, his Tetsuzantou鉄斬刀 is truly the Touba Nigou Ken (刕覇弐号剣). With the power of the Touba Ichigou Ken and Nigou Ken Greatmaru combined with Master Zeta. Master Zeta Daishougun is the form taken when the consciousness of Master Zeta is stronger.

Bakuen Gundam (爆炎頑駄無)

The Tekki Musha who leads the Bakuentai(爆炎隊). His weapon, Bakuen Funsai Hou(爆炎粉砕砲) is modelled after the Omega Cannon of the successive Daishougun.

Kourinki Gundam (光輪機頑駄無)

Leader of the Kijintai(機陣隊).

Kiryuugou Gundam (貴龍剛頑駄無)

Leader of the Tekkentai(鉄剣隊).

Majin Gundam (魔刃頑駄無)

A musha from the Netherworld. He changed the Tekki Kokoroe and turned the Tekki Musha Army against the Shinssei Musha Army.
Later appeared in Musha Senki Hikari no Hengen Hen and SD Gundam Mushamaruden.

Touba San Daishougun (刕覇三大将軍)[edit]

Bakurei Houou Daishougun (爆零鳳凰大将軍)
Shinsei Neo Victory Daishougun (新世新飛駆鳥大将軍)
Tentei Bakushin Daishougun (天帝爆進大将軍)

The three daishougun of the past before the time of this work. The three used the three Touba Ken to defeat a being from the Netherworld. Gouten and Hisen were present in that battle.


Tekki Musha (鉄機武者)

Man-made musha. It started when Bakuryuu Gundam built Bakushinmaru, the first Tekki Musha.

Tekki Kokoroe (鉄機心得)

A scroll that describes the heart of a tekki musha. By loading the Tekki Kokoroe, a Tekki Musha can have a heart like a real musha. But it is also possible to convert a tekki musha to a killing machine using a rewritten Tekki Kokoroe.