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Chowdhury/Chaudhry (Bengali: চৌধুরী; Hindi: चौधरी; Punjabi: ਚੈਧਰੀ; Urdu: چودهرى‎; Nepali: चौधरी) is a South Asian hereditary title and surname. It is common among families in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The term literally stands for the "holder of four". It was historically bestowed on zamindars under imperial rule. It is also spelled as Chowdhury, Chaudhury, Choudhury, Choudhry, Chaudhuri, Chaudhary and Choudhary.


The term has Sanskrit origins. It was conferred by the Sultans of Delhi, Northwest India and Bengal on their military nobles. During the Mughal Empire and the British Raj, landowning families were often conferred the title due to their four-quarter share of land revenues. In northern India and eastern Pakistan, the Gujjars use this title.

Chaudhry, Chaudhari, Choudhry or Chaudhary (The Headman or the First Person) refers to the title of Kalar Panwar, Rajputs, Dhobi A Vice President of the caste committee, A Section of Ahirs, Maheshri Bania, Gadaria, Gujar, Halwa and Mali. [1]






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