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Chowrangi (Urdu: چورنگی‎) or Chowk (चौक/چوک) is an Urdu word meaning crossroads. It is where two major roads cross each other. In Pakistan, this term is frequently used in Karachi, city of Sindh province in Pakistan.
Because there is almost always a big market around a chowrangi, the name of place around is named after that intersection/chowrangi. On boards and signs "Chowk" would be written but people call it chowrangi.

While in other parts of country like Punjab province of Pakistan other terms are used. For example 'Chowk' (also an Urdu word) is another word used in other cities of Pakistan like Multan, Lahore and rest of Pakistani Punjab province. Chowk also means a variety of things, for example a town square, an intersection, a roundabout, a crossing.

Famous chowrangi and chowk in Pakistan[edit]

Most Famous Chowk of Lahore are

Most Famous Chowk of Multan are

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