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Chris Achilleos on Polcon 2007

Chris Achilleos (born Christos Achilléos,[1] 1947) is a painter and illustrator who specialises in fantasy artwork and glamour illustration. Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, his family emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1959, where he currently resides.[2]

His work has appeared in Heavy Metal and Radio Times magazines, on book covers (including series based on the Conan the Barbarian character, TV's Doctor Who and the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series), and in collections of his own work. He has also worked on various film projects as a conceptual artist.

Achilleos created the controversial cover for Whitesnake's 1979 album, Lovehunter, which featured a naked woman straddling a giant serpent. In an interview with MelodicRock, Gary Hughes stated that Achilleos thereafter "had a policy of not working with bands".[3] The original artwork, along with several other pieces, were stolen from him in the 1980s and sold to a private collector.[4]

In 2003, Achilleos created the covers and artwork for the rock opera by Gary Hughes, The Once And Future King.[3]


Achilleos has published several book collections, including:[citation needed]

  • Beauty and the Beast (1978)
  • Medusa (1988)
  • Sirens (1986)
  • Amazona (2004)


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