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Chris Broach
Birth name Christopher Robert Broach
Born (1976-09-05) September 5, 1976 (age 38)
Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
Origin Deerfield, Illinois, U.S.
Genres Emo
Indie rock
Occupation(s) Musician
founder of Lucid Records
Instruments Vocals
Drum Machine
Editing Loops
Electronic Programming - Reason, Ableton, ProTools
Years active 1994–present
Labels Lucid Records
City at Night
Polyvinyl Records
Big Wheel Rec
Associated acts Chris Broach Music
The Firebird Band
The Blakhiv
Life at Sea
Seven Inch

Chris Broach (born Christopher Robert Broach: September 5, 1976 in Madison, WI) is one of the guitarists/vocalists in the 90's Emo band Braid.[1] In August 1994, just before starting his freshman year at the University of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana), Broach went to see Braid play a show at The Red Herring, in Urbana, Illinois. After the show, he was introduced to Bob Nanna through a mutual friend. Broach was then introduced to Roy Ewing, the drummer of Braid, and spoke to him at length. By the end of the show, Ewing was walking around introducing Broach to friends as 'the newest member of the band,' much to the surprise of Broach. A couple of tryouts later, and a line-up change in which Broach replaced Pete Havranek on guitar, Broach became an official member of Braid, recording his guitar parts on the first 7-inch the band ever released a week later.[2]

Early career[edit]

While a member of Braid, Broach started playing in his own side project called The Firebird Suite. After Braid disbanded Broach continued playing in The Firebird Band (formerly the Firebird Suite and Firebird Project). He played guitar for Life At Sea on the Is there a signal coming through? album and fronted the band L'Spaerow which put out one album on his own label - the label is Lucid Records - which he founded in 2002.[3]

The Blakhiv[edit]

Broach, along with Chris Common of These Arms Are Snakes, and former Hey Mercedes guitarist Mike Schumaker were involved in a project entitled The Blakhiv. They released their first EP on Lucid Records in 2006.[citation needed]


  • Broach is working on solo material (released 2009, 2010, and more coming soon)
  • A new EP for The Firebird Band (is out now 2010)
  • Broach is currently working on music for commercials and productions with writing partner Todd Finkel, including a project for Adidas slated for release soon (Nov, 16, 2010)
  • Also joined (vocals and guitar) a Spanish band, Festa d'Estate [1], from 2006–2008,with no recordings known.



in reverse chronological order:

Singles and EPs[edit]

in reverse chronological order:

  • Chris Broach - "Madison" - (City at Night Records, 2010) - digital EP
  • The Firebird band - "Say Hello" - (City at Night Records, 2010) - digital EP
  • The Firebird Band - "Say Hello" - (Mind Over Matter Records, 2010) - Seven Inch EP
  • Chris Broach - "How Well You Know Me" - (City at Night Records, 2010) - digital single
  • Chris Broach - "Beautiful Spaces" - (City at Night Records, 2010) - digital single
  • The Blakhiv - Any Way She Wants It - (Lucid Records, 2006) - EP
  • The Firebird Band - The Drive - (Cargo/Headhunter, 2001) - EP
  • Braid - Please Driver Faster, (Polyvinyl, 1999) - single
  • The Firebird Project - Feel Alright CD - (The Mintaka Conspiracy, 1999) - EP
  • The Firebird Suite - New York 7 - (The Mintaka Conspiracy, 1998) - single
  • Always Something There To Remind Me (Split 7" w/ Burning Airlines) - (DeSoto Records, 1998) single
  • Braid - First Day Back/Hugs From Boys 7 (Polyvinyl, 1998) - single
  • Braid / Corm Split 7 (Polyvinyl, 1997) - single
  • Braid - Niagara/That Car Came Out Of Nowhere 7 (Grand Theft Autumn, 1995) - single
  • Braid - I'm Afraid of Everything/Radish White Icicle/Now I'm Exhausted 7 (Grand Theft Autumn, 1995) - single
  • Braid - Rainsnowmatch 7 (Enclave /Polyvinyl, 1994) - single


in reverse chronological order:

  • The Firebird Band - She Wears He-Harem from A Tribute To Shudder To Think (2003)
  • Braid - Trompe Le Monde from Where Is My Mind? A Tribute To The Pixies (Glue Factory Records, 1999)
  • Campanula Blue - "I Love Kerrazo" - guest vocals (Core For Care, 1996)


in reverse chronological order

  • Braid - Killing A Camera (Bifocal Media, 2001 VHS, 2004 DVD) - DVD
  • Actuality Of Thought (BiFocal Media, 2001) - VHS


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