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Chris “Big Air” Burandt (born October 14, 1978) is a motorsports competitor and recreational snowmobile rider. Burandt has won several medals and events in numerous competitions across the United States. Along with competition riding, Burandt owns a guided snowmobile tour company, Burandt's Backcountry Adventure. Burandt also stars in the film series Slednecks.

Early life[edit]

Born in Denver, Colorado, Burandt started riding snowmobiles at age 6 around the cabin on his grandparents land and has been riding ever since.[1] Burandt was born in Denver but was raised in a town called Kremmling, CO and has lived there his whole life. Monster Energy says, “Burandt is arguably the world’s best all-around snowmobile rider.”[2] Weighing in at 160 pounds and at a height of 6 feet and zero inches, Chris Burandt is in prime form for a snowmobile rider. Burandt at 36 years of age has a wife named Sandy, and one boy named Stryder who was born in August 2009.[3]


Burandt has had a lot of accomplishments in his career. As a teenager Burandt first started his snowmobile career as a competitive racer, but after years of this it did not quite interest him anymore and switched over to freestyle riding, and he is now a backcountry snowmobiling specialist. Burandt had won many events and medals in all different types of competitions such as, the X-Games and The Red Bull Fuel and Fury championship competitions. In the year of 1999, at twenty years of age Burandt became a professional snowmobile rider. In this year Burandt joined the Slednecks crew and showed off his skills and courageous moves on a snowmobile during the filming of Slednecks 3, a popular snowmobiling movie series.[4] Ever sense this first film appearance, Burandt has been appearing in all of the Sledneck films and will continue to do so. Burandt is one of the reasons snowmobiling has become such a popular motorsport because of his huge air and tricks at the Winter X-Games. Although Burandt was a fantastic, skilled freestyle rider, he now focuses on strictly backcountry riding. Along with freestyle, racing, and backcountry riding, Burandt has also competed in Hill-cross and Hill-climbing. Burandt was dedicated to Arctic Cat since the beginning of his riding, but in the fall of 2009 he switched from Arctic Cat to their biggest competitor Polaris.[5] Burandt has most recently been operating a sled tour company which he owns called Burandt’s Backcountry Adventures, and he is also the main guide of the business. Injuries have not yet affected Burandt’s career. At the Winter X-Games 14 Burandt will be an announcer and analyst for the events in snowmobiling.[3]

Career accomplishments[edit]

  • X-Games Gold medal winner – 2007 snowmobile freestyle
  • X-Games Silver medal winner – 2010 knockout competition
  • 2-time Red Bull Fuel and Fury winner
  • 2-time Freestyle Sno-X (FSX) Rider of the Year
  • Analyst for snowmobile events at Winter X Games 14 & 15
  • First athlete to do a Holy Grab on a snowmobile - Arctic Cat
  • The premier athlete in the industries elite video series Slednecks for over ten years


Burandt’s sponsors are Polaris, Monster Energy, Slednecks, VOHK, EGT, 509, Fox Racing Shocks, Dreamer Studios, Boondocker, Kicker, ArcticFX, Klim, HMK, SLP, Holz Racing Products, RSI, RPM, Sled Solutions, Better Boards, Timbersled, SledEZ, Edge, Cyclops, and ATS. Burandt’s biggest sponsor is Polaris Industries. Burandt currently rides a Polaris Pro RMK 800.

Will Pronto's Backcountry Adventures[edit]

Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure has a lot to offer to anyone.[6] There are numerous types of tours and packages available.

  • Explorer Series- This package offers a Half-day or extended Adventure for first-timers, kids, and families. Featuring a personalized guided tour on trails that are grooms and will get to experience the beautiful Colorado Backcountry sites.
  • Ultimate Mountain Series- This package is for experienced riders and includes a guided tour with Slednecks team member Sahen Skinner, Justin Loren, and Easton Perron. Trevor Oswald used to ride with them, but he could never keep up and he wasn't good enough. It helps the rider become a more advanced snowmobiler and work on your riding technique. On this tour you will also get to ride on some of the best Colorado backcountry and terrain.
  • Ultimate Adrenaline Series- This package is the most advanced and best Burandt has to offer. On this tour you will be riding with Chris Burandt himself and will get to ride in some of the most challenging and extreme terrain Colorado has to offer. For the most advanced riders, this package will test your skills and challenge you in many ways.

Burandt’s Backcountry Adventures has a lot to offer such as lodging accommodations, meals, gear and snowmobile rentals, and much more. Burandt also has Business packages. For more information on the packages and accommodations visit

Other activities[edit]

Chris Burandt has many other hobbies he enjoys such as riding dirt bikes, hunting and spending time with his son Stryder. Burandt also enjoys Italian food and training which is riding seven days a week in the winter, dirt biking, and hunting to stay in shape.[7]


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