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Chris "Cecil" Campanaro is an American musician, songwriter, bassist, best known for his work with Grammy Award-nominated record "American River"[1] featuring Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), along with several others. He is the bassist for TAXI, The Matt Ellis Band, Terraplane Sun, SOCCERMOM, and Musket.


After leaving the east coast for California, "Cecil" studied under Christy Coobatis in the now rare field of analog recording. After just a short time creating new techniques, his first solo debut record, "Tonewerk…Free Audibles" instantly received acknowledgement by winning the 2001 Media Arts award. Shorty after, he was recruited to Elias Arts to began a career in composing, writing, and recording music for television and film. He has been involved in literally hundreds of commercials including such clients as Nike, Infiniti, BMW,-- first in his role as chief session engineer and today as a composer of all styles of genres. He has received numerous accolades including a Grammy Award nomination. While at Elias he contributed to such albums as Robert Downey Jr.'s solo record "The Futurist", Tricky "Vulnerable", Lou Rawls "Christmas," and Jonathan Elias' "The Prayer Cycle" which included several artist such as Sting, Alanis Morissette, Perry Farrell, Salif Keita, Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jonathan Davis of Korn and Jon Anderson. After departing from Elias Arts in 2008 to pursue his own avenues in the field, he started GOLD HEARTED MUSIC Inc. to solidify his place in the advertising world.


First recognized as the bass player for the female-fronted new wave-punk band SOCCERMOM, Campanaro became a musical collaborator with several other musical artists. SOCCERMOM performed at music venues such as CBGBs and played alongside artists such as Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Suicidal Tendencies, Eagles of Death Metal, IMA Robot, Joan Jett, Hellride, Circus Diablo, Bad Brains, JFA and Dick Dale. Recently,[when?] Campanaro has recorded bass for a diverse roster of acts including TAXI, Dizzy X, Terraplane Sun, & Ultaviolet Sound, Matt Ellis Band, and Musket.

Over the last four years,[when?] the trio TAXI has been playing and touring with acts such as HELMET, Fireball Ministry, and Mondo Generator (featuring Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stone Age).


Along with performing/singing and writing for the trio TAXI (2 basses/drums), Cecil is now collaborating with fellow musician, Matt Ellis, to support his latest record "Births, Deaths & Marriages." which included a stellar cast of musicians including Greg Leisz (Joni Mitchell, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris), Tim Young (Beck, Daniel Johnston) Calexico's Nick Luca and Jacob Valenzuela.

Chris "Cecil" has been performing across the USA, with regular shows at such esteemed LA music venues as Hotel Cafe and The Troubadour. Performing with both bands, Matt Ellis & TAXI, he has returned from his fourth trip to the SXSW Music Festival where he played venues such as the Little Radio stage and the Big Red Sun stage with The Blues Traveler and the AOL Lifestream Concert.

Recently he worked with Californian band Terraplane Sun and served as the chief composer/arranger/creative director and producer for the Amsterdam based music house known as Massive Music.


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