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Chris Cape
Chris Cape - In the Lap of the Gods.jpg
Background information
Born Cape Town, South Africa
Genres Pop, rap, hip-hop, power pop, progressive rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, music producer
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, cello
Years active 2006–present

Chris Cape is a South African born songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. Since 2009, he has released three solo EPs, one LP, and various collaborations with other artists.

After relocating to London in September 2006, Cape has been heavily involved in the UK music industry as a session musician,[1] songwriter and performer. In addition to his solo work, Cape joined the art rock band, Yearner Babies,[2] from 2008 to 2010 as bass player[3] and songwriter, playing festivals across the UK including Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party.[4][5][6][7][8][9] Cape returned to live and work in Cape Town in January 2013, and has subsequently released his first LP Back On Solid Ground.

Early life[edit]

Born to two classical musicians in Cape Town, Cape was heavily involved musically throughout his school career playing cello from age seven in both orchestral and solo capacities. In 2003 he was awarded a music scholarship to Diocesan College.

Cape's interest in non-classical music was ignited by his discovery of both Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy, marking a pivotal moment for young Cape in his musical inspiration.[10] From his early teens, Cape began firmly down the path towards writing music and ultimately lyrics. Other influences at this time were Dire Straits, Uriah Heep (band), Santana (band), Sparklehorse, The Beatles, Iron Maiden (band), with Kanye West being Cape's first big Hip hop influence.[11]

Music career[edit]

Chris Cape at the launch for Back On Solid Ground

2006-2007: Career beginnings[edit]

In 2006 Cape moved to the UK to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music.[12] Shortly before leaving South Africa, Cape completed his Grade 8 Cello with ABRSM.[13]

2008-2010: You Know What I Mean?[edit]

Cape’s self-released debut EP, You Know What I Mean? [14] was released while performing live with his band in the UK[15] Cape had done with his live band the year leading up to its release.[16][17]

2010-2013: Direction change and Message from Outer-Space[edit]

Cape began drawing on influences Grandaddy and David Bowie, among others experimenting more with synthesized elements and space-themed lyrics. This new direction led to a more theatrical live show as well as the DIY music video Major Tom (a reference to Bowie's fictional character Major Tom) and its Message from Outer-Space EP.[18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28]

2014-present: Back On Solid Ground[edit]

Cape's 10-track rap mixtape Back On Solid Ground was released on 11 November 2014.[29] A launch gig took place at Straight No Chaser, a popular jazz club in Cape Town.[30]

The hip hop heavy sounds prevalent through the LP are infused with rock and progressive rhythm influences, and clearly mark a defining moment for Cape's musical journey. Receiving positive reviews from the press[31][32][33][34][35] including being featured on many music blogs and review sites,.[36] The ten track LP puts Cape in the spotlight not only as a rapper and lyricist but also as a producer, mixing engineer and electric guitarist. Cape partnered musicians of contrasting disciplines to mix various genres together. The LP features several of Cape Town’s jazz musicians in a popular music setting giving listeners an opportunity to hear traditional musicianship, coupled with the pop sensibility his fans are accustomed to.

Back On Solid Ground, was as much a cathartic exercise for Cape as a musical project. His time in the pop industry in 2012 and 2013 were particularly testing, as alluded to in press releases for the album. Reviewers refer to the subject matter being of pain, passion and optimism.[37] Cape has referred to the songs on Back On Solid Ground as ‘entirely autobiography’ and critics have sited this as a primary strength of the project.[38]

Personal life[edit]

Cape completing his first full marathon in November 2014

Running is the most publicized past-time of Chris Cape, having recently completed his first full marathon.[39]

Cape also has a passion for the world and movies of Star Wars, dropping occasional hints at this affection in his work and interviews.[40]


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