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For the indoor football quarterback, see Chris Dixon (indoor football).

Chris Dixon is an American internet entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, and former CEO, of the website Hunch. He earned his BA and MA from Columbia University, majoring in philosophy, and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Business career[edit]

In the 1990s, he spent three years as a software programmer at a high-frequency trading firm. He then joined the venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners. Dixon co-founded SiteAdvisor, a web-security startup that was bought by security company McAfee. He also co-founded Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital fund.

In 2009, Dixon co-founded Hunch with Caterina Fake. Hunch was acquired by eBay in 2011. He has invested in technology companies including Skype, Foursquare and Kickstarter. In 2010, BusinessWeek magazine named Dixon the top angel investor in the technology industry.[1]

In late 2012, Dixon joined the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.[2]


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