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Chris Dooks (born 1971) is a Scottish-based artist and musician.


Dooks was born in Middlesbrough and studied sound design and film first there (at the Cleveland College of Art and Design) from 1989–1991 and later at the Edinburgh College of Art, from 1991–1994, studying film and video art. His first broadcast work was in 1995 when ITV screened his degree film 'The Sound of Taransay.' Between 1995 and August 2009 Dooks directed several works for broadcast television, produced work for the Millennium Experience and created installations and art works for international galleries and residencies (such as with STEIM in Amsterdam). Dooks has also released several electronica and folktronica albums for record labels such as Bip-Hop, Highpoint Lowlife and Benbecula Records.

In 2003 for Stills Gallery Edinburgh, Dooks coined the term Polymash to describe his "chaotic multi-disciplinary practice" and in 2007, Dooks founded "Polymash Digital Art Projects" which creates bespoke Psychogeography tours, most notably 2009's Surreal Steyning.

In the early 2000s Dooks began suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, requiring him to give up his successful career as a television director. He was able to continue creating his audio-visual art.[1]