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Christian D. "Chris" Greeley is a former representative in the Maine state legislature. He is a Republican. He represented District 22 in the House of Representatives for four consecutive two-year terms, from 2002 to 2010, at which point he was prohibited from running again by term limits.[1]

He is a professional speaker and trainer by profession.[2] He is married with one son, and lives in Levant, Maine. In addition, Greeley is a former amateur boxer who also holds a first degree black belt in Kempo karate.

Greeley was Cosmopolitan magazine's Bachelor-of-the-Month in June of 1993, and as a result appeared on the John & Leeza Show, Sally Jesse Raphael Show, the Fox pilot for Carnie!, and the movies Vacationland and A Sudden Loss of Gravity. Greeley is regularly mentioned on the Howie Carr Show in Boston. In addition, he knows both UFC president Dana White and Detroit Red Wings goalie, Jimmy Howard. Greeley is also a friend of Twisted Sister drummer, A.J. Pero, whom he first met in the 1980s. Greeley is also vice president of Loving Touch In-Home Care, located in Bangor and Ellsworth, Maine.

He is a regular fill-in guest host on radio station WVOM, and in March of 2015, appeared on the New England Sports Network with his son's hockey team and hosts Dale Arnold and Barry Pederson.

Greeley is also a former CBS affiliate weatherman, who worked on the air with MSNBC's Bill Karins. He owns the grandson of the dog featured in the movie, The Sandlot.