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Christopher Green (born c.1968) is a writer and performer whose work covers comedy, cabaret, theatre and live art. Green was born in Matlock, Derbyshire, grew up in Darley Dale and lives and works in London, England.[1] His characters include country music singer Tina C and pensioner rapper Ida Barr.


Green got into comedy via television production and acting, after graduating from Goldsmiths College (University of London), with a degree in Drama and English.[1] He is perhaps best known for his work as a character comedian, in a range of personas, and has toured worldwide to venues such as The Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House.[2] Green hosts, writes and performs original music and material in a range of venues from nightclubs, corporate events for companies such as Diego, American Express, Tiffany, Bloomsbury, and MTV to private parties. Performing as one of his characters Tina C, Green has presented his own TV show, and is currently working on a fourth Tina C BBC Radio 4 series and one as pensioner rapper Ida Barr.[citation needed]

Main characters played[edit]

Tina C. is a faux country music singer whose performance includes a range of topics from sexual politics ("No Dick’s As Hard As My Life") to geo-politics ("Tina C’s Twin Tower Tribute"). And also her bid to run in the 2008 presidential race in her show called "Manifesto".[3] In a 2007 commission from the Adelaide Cabaret Festival for "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" Tina solves the Aboriginal tensions down under. This is due to be toured around Australia soon. A new series of the Tina C. BBC Radio 4 series will be broadcast in late 2011, entitled Tina C, from Middle America to the Middle East.

Another character played by Green is Ida Barr, a selfproclaimed "world's first Music Hall singer turned RnB rap superstar" [4] who has performed her two solo shows, "Artificial Hip Hop" and "Get Old or Die Tryin’" all over the world, on various UK tours, and on a variety of media. Artificial Hip Hop, the BBC Radio 4 series, was broadcast in late 2010.

As his cultural critic character Jedd O’Sullivan Green hosted a tour of Seduced, Surreal House and Japanese Fashion at the Barbican Art Gallery.

Christopher's new comedy character is Derek Diamond. Host of The Razzle Working Man’s Club, top comedian and stage hypnotist. Derek performs a highly skilled 40 minutes hypnotic routine that turns the audience into stars.

Installation events[edit]

Christopher has been commissioned to create events for the V&A, Tates Modern and Britain, the Barbican Art Gallery, the NPG, the Southbank Centre.

He has been invited to be the British Library Artist In Residence 2012 where he "will be investigating the history of hypnosis in the Library’s collections".[5] Christopher is a trained clinical hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist.

Music, TV, and film[edit]

Christopher is a prolific songwriter, pianist, and guitarist. He was music researcher on The Word and music producer on many other 90s pop shows.

In addition to Tina C’s series Yanky Panky, notable work includes script and song writing for Sesame Street, appearances in Horne & Corden, as well starring roles in films The Queen’s Sister (as Danny la Rue) and Henry the 9 (as Prince Harry). Christopher has just appeared in the short film Liberty Cherie made by Superamas Theatre Collective in Vienna.

Current projects[edit]

  • Regina & Rex: a new double act, with glamour legend Rula Lenska playing Chris’ mother
  • A Silent Night? A Yuletide ghost story play, collaboration with Sarah Waters
  • Carrying Lead, sitcom for UK TV, developed with Jellylegs
  • My Way of Joking, one-man multi-character show, premiering the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, June 2011
  • Love-In, director of the new show by clowning comedy sensations Spymonkey

List of past Tina C. and Ida Barr Theatre Shows[edit]

  • Ida Barr: Last Christmas (Possibly) - Dome Theatre Brighton (2010)
  • Tina C. Come Touch An Icon - Touring (2010-)
  • Ida Barr: So This Is Christmas... - Barbican Theatre (2008)
  • Tina C: Tick My Box - Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2008) and UK Tour
  • Tina C: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Adelaide Cabaret Festival (2007)
  • Tina C: I'm Dreaming of a White Trash Xmas - Barbican Theatre (2005)
  • Tina C: Being Me - Cape Town & Edinburgh Fringe (2005)
  • Tina C’s Manifesto Show - Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2004) and UK Tour (2005)
  • Just Doing It For The Love - Sydney Opera House and Soho Theatre (2004)
  • Life’s A Beach - Xmas Show (2003)
  • Lifestyle Guru - Komedia Brighton, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2003)
  • Tina C’s Twin Towers Tribute - Edinburgh Fringe, UK tour, Melbourne Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival (2002)
  • Yule! 2 - Christmas show (2001)
  • Don’t Love Me Too Much -Australia and USA (2001)
  • Yule! Christmas show (2000)
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane - Edinburgh Fringe Festival and UK Tour (1999)
  • Rhinestone Cowgirl - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK Tour, Australian Tour (1997)
  • Ida Barr’s Artificial Hip-Hop UK Tour 2005 - Soho Theatre, London & Spiegeltent Edinburgh Festival (2004)
  • Winged-Backed Christmas - Christmas show (2004)
  • Ida Barr - Pleasance, Edinburgh (2002)


Olivier Award for Best Entertainment 2004 for "C’est Barbican!" [6]

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