Chris Houston (musician)

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Chris Houston
Born Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Associated acts Forgotten Rebels

Chris Houston is a Canadian punk rock musician and songwriter, who was in the band the Forgotten Rebels[1] in the late 1970s. He co-wrote "Surfin' on Heroin",[2] one of the band's most famous songs.

Following the band's album This Ain't Hollywood, he left to pursue a solo career. He recorded songs for four of the five It Came from Canada compilation albums, including a solo rendition of "Surfin' on Heroin". He released his solo debut Chris Houston and the Sex Machine domestically as a vinyl LP in 1986 on label Caucasian Records.[3] On cassette tape, he released Hate Filled Man in 1987 on Caucasian-Driveway Records.[4]

He lived in Vancouver B.C. for a spell, and now lives and performs in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.[citation needed]

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