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Chris Jarrett (born 1956) is an American pianist[1] and composer who has lived in Germany since 1985. Chris Jarrett is mainly performing as a solo pianist, being influenced from classical music as well as from jazz improvisation. In addition to this, he is leading the Chris Jarrett Trio and the quartet Four Free.

Chris Jarrett's older brother, Keith Jarrett, is considered one of the most influential living jazz pianists.

He was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


  • "Tanz auf dem Vulkan" (1985, LP, Edition Collage)
  • "Aufruf" (1988, LP, Edition Collage)
  • "Fire" (1991, CD, Edition Collage)
  • "Live in Tübingen" (1995, CD, Edition Collage)
  • "Scenes & Preludes" (1999, CD, Level Green)
  • "Short Stories for piano" (2001, CD, Edition Musikat)
  • "Chris Jarrett Trio plays New World Music" (2002, CD, Edition Musikat)
  • "Geträumtes Leben - Gelebter Traum (Score)" (2005, CD, Karl Heinz Heilig Film + Medienproduktion)
  • "Tales of our Time (Four Free in Concert)" (2006, CD)
  • "Wax Cabinet (Four Free)" (2009, CD, Edition Collage)
  • "Russische Schauergeschichten" (2012, CD, Edition Musikat)


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