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Chris Moreno
Moreno at the November 2009 Big Apple Convention.
Area(s) Comic book writer, illustrator, creator.

Chris Moreno is an American comic book illustrator.

Comic books[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

  • | World War Hulk: Front Line Issue #2
  • World War Hulk: Front Line Issue #4
  • World War Hulk: Front Line Issue #5[1]
  • World War Hulk: Front Line

Image Comics[edit]

Popgun Vol. 1, 2007 ISBN 1-58240-824-6 (illustrator)
Paul Jenkins Sidekick, (illustrator)
The Wicked West Abomination & Other Tales:"The Horri-Belle Truth" ISBN 1-58240-661-8, 2004

BOOM! Studios[edit]

Toy Story: The Mysterious Stranger, 2009
Zombie Tales #1: A Game Called Zombie, 2007
Fear the Dead: A Zombie Survivors Journal #1, written by Michael Alan Nelson 2006

Zenescope Entertainment[edit]

Grimm Fairy Tales April Fools' Edition, 2009
Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 2, 2007, ISBN 978-0-9786874-6-5

Silent Devil Comics[edit]

Dracula vs. King Arthur #1-#4 2005
Dracula vs. Capone, 2006
The Minions of Ka, Book One 2008, ISBN 1-897548-24-9
Monkey in a Wagon Vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel, (Co-creator)
The Last Sin of Mark Grimm, written by M. Sean McManus 2007

Other comic art[edit]

Knights of the Dinner Table, Kenzer and Company
Superfrat, (web comic)[2]
Unusual Suspects, published by Top Cow 2007
Teddy Scares Vol. 2, published by Ape Entertainment 2007

Creator-owned projects[edit]

The Rot Pack (illustrator)
Tyrannosaurus West (illustrator)
Goth Ninja (illustrator)

Other work[edit]

Gymkommentary with Matt Singer.[3]


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