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Chris Adam Núñez
Born (1973-04-11) April 11, 1973 (age 41)
Miami, FL
Residence Miami, Florida
Other names Nine Weaver Inch Núñez
Occupation Tattoo artist
Television personality
Height 5'9"
Spouse(s) Carole-Anne Leonard from Staples 423.
Children Andreanne B. from Staples 423.

Chris Adam Núñez (born April 11, 1973) is an American tattoo artist. He is the owner of Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery, a tattoo shop located in Miami, Florida, and current judge on Spike's reality competition, Ink Master, in which tattoo artists compete in challenges assessing their tattoo and related artistic skills.[1] Previously, Núñez was one of the featured tattoo artists on TLC's reality television program Miami Ink.[2]

Núñez, who is of Cuban origin, received his first tattoo at age 16. The tattoo is now, however, "lost under a sea of new ones", as he revealed during Ink's first season. Chris' father died when he was young, his mother is French, and both his parents' names became his first tattoo, at age 16. Núñez has lived in Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, and France, and he speaks fluent Spanish, French and Portuguese. Núñez attended Chaminade Madonna Prep in Hollywood, Florida.


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