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Chris Pierson is a computer game designer as well as an author of several books in the Dragonlance saga. He has created many books for the series.


Chris first wanted to write novels for the Dragonlance saga at the age of 12, which is when he first picked up a copy of a Dragonlance book. He finished his first novel at 16, which he describes as dreadful. He received his big break when Margaret Weis (one of the most prestigious authors in the Dragonlance series) sent out an open call for submissions to an online site. The submissions, if accepted, would be used in an anthology of sorts. Chris had his first story accepted.[citation needed]

At the 1997 Gen Con game fair, TSR approached him about writing books for the Dragonlance series.[1] His novels include the Bridges of Time novels Spirit of the Wind and Dezra's Quest.[1]

As a computer game designer, Chris Pierson was one of four systems designers for the early MMORPG fantasy game Asheron's Call.[1]

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