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Chris Skudder is a journalist/broadcaster/sports presenter for Sky News and a father of three - Henry, Amy and Genevieve Skudder.


He has covered football World Cups in USA (1994), France (1998), Japan (2002), Germany (2006) and South Africa (2010), European Championships in Belgium/Holland (2000) and Portugal (2004) and Olympic Games in Greece (2004) and China (2008), working for both Sky News and Sky Sports News.

Chris began his career as a disc jockey and sports presenter in local radio in South Wales in the mid-1980s moving onto become Sports Editor of Ocean Sound covering Southampton and Portsmouth in Hampshire, then Capital Radio and IRN in London. He grew up in Birmingham before moving with his family to Pembrokeshire in Wales and graduated from Goldsmiths College, London University with a degree in French and Drama. He then studied at the IBA's (independent Broadcasting Authority) National Broadcasting School in London before moving into radio. He has also contributed popular music reviews for Sky Arts, BSkyB's arts and culture TV channel/website. Sports Presenter and correspondent on Sky Midnight News

Chris is a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City Football Club.


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