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Chris Yates is an angler, photographer, broadcaster, tea connoisseur, nature lover and prolific writer with contributions to the Idler magazine and former co-editor, with Jon Ward-Allen of Waterlog magazine.[1] He is a celebrated British fisherman and former record holder with the capture of 51 lb specimen carp from the famous Redmire pool (UK).[2]

Published works[edit]

Television series[edit]

Chris is a former participant in BBC2's A Passion for Angling, the much-acclaimed series of six BBC films where Chris Yates and Bob James go on a grand fishing adventure across Britain. Chris is noted for his eccentric style and his passion for freshwater fishing often with a center pin reel. Chris prefers to fish using older methods and tackle, making him one of a rare breed of Angler enjoying the cane rods and original fishing equipment of a bygone era. In his books and films Chris always has a strong emphasis on the enjoyment of being close to nature, and the other pleasures that come with fishing. He argues that simple and older methods of fishing are just as effective as modern techniques and in some ways even more so.


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