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Chris Youlden (born Christopher Thomas Youlden, 1943, Dagenham, England) is an English blues singer. He worked with the British blues band Savoy Brown from 1967 until 1970. He has since released several solo albums.

Solo discography[edit]

  • Nowhere Road (1973) – London Spectrum Generic CD 3694 01 Remaster 2003 (Canada)
  • City Child (1974) – London Spectrum Generic CD 3693 03 Remaster 2003 (Canada)
  • Legend (1979) – London
  • Second Sight (1991) – Line Records[1]
  • Matico/Chris Youlden & The Big Picture - (1993)-(2006))(Midnight Records/Littlehorn CD)


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He joined Savoy Brown in the late 60's and did several albums with them as Savoy Brown a great blues group.