Chrism and Fenris

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Chrism and Fenris
Origin Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Genres Experimental / Glitch Hop / Musique concrète
Years active 2001–present
Labels Science Girl Records
Website Official website
Members Christopher McCormick
Paul Eterovich

Chrism and Fenris are an experimental electronic band from Perth, Western Australia.


Forming in 2001,[1] Chrism and Fenris are notable for their circuit bending approach to retro computing electronic music. Using rewired and custom programmed Commodore 64's, a custom programmed Game Boy Advance and other musical equipment, they create improvised chiptunes and Game Boy music.[2][3] Their music has been described as "immersive, engaging, hypnotic and unique."[4] and "more hip-hop these days, with a few genuine rhythms amongst the Atari Teenage Riot endings."[5]

In 2004 Chrism and Fenris was featured as part of the lineup at the Electrofringe Festival in Newcastle, New South Wales, and the Straight Out Of Brisbane festival in Queensland.[6]

In November 2005 they each provided a remix for the Superengine debut EP, Triangulation.[7]

Chrism and Fenris were nominated for the Best Live Electronic Act WAMi award in 2005[8] and 2006.[9]

Band members[edit]

  • Chris McCormick
  • Paul Eterovich

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