Christ of the Mercy

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Jesus of the Mercy
Nearest city San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Coordinates 11°15′N 85°52′W / 11.250°N 85.867°W / 11.250; -85.867Coordinates: 11°15′N 85°52′W / 11.250°N 85.867°W / 11.250; -85.867
Established Dedicated April 12, 2009
Christ of Mercy statue overlooking San Juan del Sur

The Christ of the Mercy is a colossal statue of Jesus Christ, the biggest image of Central America that is in the city of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, to a height of 134 m above sea level.


The piece is an image of the Jesus of the Mercy on a hill located in the north end of San Juan del Sur. The complete structure reaches 24 meters in height. With the right index finger the Christ points toward to the south.

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