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Christa Hughes is an Australian singer, known for her wild on-stage antics and powerful voice.

From age 15, she has done gigs with her father, jazz pianist and journalist Dick Hughes. At age 17 had a regular set at Sydney's Shakespeare Hotel.

She used to sing in the band Machine Gun Fellatio (as KK Juggy) and currently has a solo career.

Christa Hughes is currently Ring Mistress with Circus Oz.


Christa Hughes was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She is the granddaughter of Richard Hughes.

She first started singing at the age of 15 with her father, jazz pianist, Dick Hughes. She opened and sang with international blues artists when they were in Sydney such as Brownie McGhee, Swamp Boogie Queen Katie Webster and Champion Jack Dupree. After she turned 21, Christa travelled around the world, singing in NYC, Edinburgh, London and Paris.Christa Hughes came back to Australia in 2000 and wrote and starred in shows Beer Drinking Woman, Sleepless Beauty and Temptation. She was also singing (as KK JUGGY) with Machine Gun Fellatio. From 2006 - 2008 she was the ring mistress with Circus Oz. In 2010 Christa and her father, Dick Hughes, released the album 21st Century Blues. A documentary by Brendan Young has been made about her family's life. In November 2011 Christa released Shonky with The Honky Tonk Shonks.


  • Carrot Day (EP) - 2001 (as Christa Hughes)
  1. Carrot Day
  2. Dirty Old Man pt1
  3. Stink Of Desperation
  4. (Let Me Be Your) Dirty Fucking Whore
  5. Dirty Old Man pt2
  • Shonky (Album) - 2011 (with The Honky Tonk Shonks)
  • Singer for Machine Gun Fellatio (as KK Juggy)
  • Acting role in Away with Words by Christopher Doyle
  • Il Trovatore gargled on the Misfits compilation CD
  • Singer in 2005 stage production of the opera The Eternity Man and in its 2008 film adaptation


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