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Christiaan Van Vuuren
Born Christiaan Van Vuuren
(1982-07-06) 6 July 1982 (age 32)
Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Years active 25 September 2006 – present
Known for Rap Music, vlogging
Internet information
Web alias(es) The Fully Sick Rapper
Web hosting service(s) YouTube, Twitter, Facebook
Christiaan Van Vuuren's channel on YouTube

Christiaan Van Vuuren is an actor and video blogger from Sydney, Australia. Van Vuuren was placed in quarantine in a Sydney hospital twice for Tuberculosis. While in quarantine he produced his first video under the name using the nickname The Fully Sick Rapper, entitled "I'm not sick, but I'm sick sick", not knowing this was merely the beginning of both worldwide popularity and half a year of quarantine. Van Vuuren's humorous videos and unique outlook on his medical situation have garnered attention both within Australia as well as worldwide, and he has been featured on television programs such as Nine Network's Today Show.

In 2014 Van Vuuren starred alongside Nicholas Boshier in the television series Soul Mates;[1][2] the two had previously collaborated on the web series Bondi Hipsters.

Quarantine and The Fully Sick Rapper[edit]

Van Vuuren's first quarantine episode began when he started coughing up blood and an x-ray revealed a hole in his lung: he was admitted to hospital on 9 December 2009 and placed in isolation on 11 December 2009. This first period of quarantine ended on 2 January 2010. Van Vuuren was readmitted on 18 January 2010 when his tuberculosis proved resistant to medication. He was finally released from quarantine on 28 June 2010 after producing many more videos about his experience in isolation. His videos recorded as The Fully Sick Rapper while he was in quarantine received nearly one million hits and led to the World Health Organization (WHO) contacting him to help promote World Tuberculosis Day.[3] His Facebook page has attracted over 14,000 people.[4]


As of 6 December 2010, Van Vuuren has 21 videos available on his YouTube channel. His series Bondi Hipsters has helped views of his videos to over 4 million as of March 2012.[5] His stuntman brother helps him to write webisodes.[6]

As of 30 May 2010, he also performs 'Rap-Up' of the week's local news for New Zealand's Campbell Live current affairs show.

In September 2010 Van Vuuren participated in the "30 Days Has September" initiative of the Ted Noffs Foundation Inc. During each day of September 2010, Van Vuuren recorded "new activities, experiences and mischief making" [7] in order to raise money for the foundation.

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