Christian Berkel

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Christian Berkel
Christian Berkel, Women's World Awards 2009 c.jpg
Berkel at the Women's World Award 2009
Born (1957-10-28) 28 October 1957 (age 57)
Berlin, Germany
Occupation Actor
Years active 1977–present
Partner(s) Andrea Sawatzki (2 children)

Christian Berkel (born 28 October 1957) is a German actor.

Life and career[edit]

Berkel was born in Berlin, Germany. His father had been a military doctor in World War II, his mother came from a Jewish German family.[1][2]

From the age of 14 he lived in Paris where he took drama lessons with Jean-Louis Barrault and Pierre Berlin. He then trained at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin and appeared on stage in Augsburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna and at the Schiller Theatre, Berlin.

He has appeared in many German television productions and secured a major role in the Academy Award-nominated film Downfall as Doctor Ernst-Günther Schenck. He has followed this with significant roles in the Paul Verhoeven directed Dutch movie Black Book and the big budget United States movies Flightplan, Valkyrie (in which he portrayed Colonel Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim) and the Academy Award-nominated Inglourious Basterds. Additionally, Berkel speaks fluent English.

He lives in Berlin with the actress Andrea Sawatzki, by whom he has two sons. He is also fluent in French and English.


  • 1977: The Serpent's Egg
  • 1977: Der Mädchenkrieg (Maiden's War)
  • 1978: Tatort - Rot, rot, tot (TV)
  • 1981: Frau Jenny Treibel (TV)
  • 1983: Derrick - Season 10, Episode 06: "Tödliches Rendezvous"
  • 1989: Der Bastard (TV series)
  • 1993: Ein unvergeßliches Wochenende... in Salzburg (TV)
  • 1995: Das Schicksal der Lilian H. (TV)
  • 1996: Lautlose Schritte (TV)
  • 1997: Umarmung mit dem Tod (TV)
  • 1998: Tod auf Amrum (TV)
  • 1999: Sweet Little Sixteen (TV)
  • 2000: Blondine sucht Millionär fürs Leben (TV)
  • 2001: Das Experiment (The Experiment)
  • 2002: Safe Conduct
  • 2002: Die Affäre Semmeling (TV series)
  • 2003: Erste Liebe (TV)
  • 2004: Der Untergang (Downfall)
  • 2004: Männer wie wir (Guys and Balls)
  • 2004: Der Vater meiner Schwester (TV)
  • 2005: Tatort - Leerstand (TV)
  • 2005: Flightplan (film)
  • 2006: Die Sturmflut (TV)
  • 2006: Eine Frage des Gewissens (A Question Of The Conscience) (TV)
  • 2006: Black Book
  • 2006: Der Kriminalist (TV)
  • 2008: Flame & Citron (film)
  • 2008: Miracle at St. Anna (film)
  • 2008: Haber (film)
  • 2008: Valkyrie (film)
  • 2009: Inglourious Basterds (film)
  • 2009: Attack on Leningrad (film)


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