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For the Danish nobleman, see Christian Ditlev Reventlow (1710–1775).

Christian Detlev, Count von Reventlow (June 21, 1671 – October 1, 1738) was a Danish diplomat and military leader.

Christian Ditlev, Count of Reventlow

He was the son of Conrad, Count Reventlow, chancellor of Denmark and brother of Anne Sophie Reventlow, queen consort of Denmark after her marriage to Frederick IV of Denmark. Father of Louise Stolberg.

Christian was destined for a military career. He fought in the Danish contingent against the French in the War of the Grand Alliance.

In 1701 he was sent at the head of the Danish troops to fight the French in Italy in the War of Spanish Succession. He served under Eugene of Savoy, but had to face the French alone in the Battle of Calcinato in 1706. Outnumbered, and against the able general Vendôme, Reventlow had no chance of success.

In 1709 he was in command of Danish forces in Scania in the Great Northern War.

In March 1713 King Frederick IV appointed Reventlow as president of Altona. The city had been plundered by the Swedish, and had to be rebuilt. His task was to supervise the reconstruction program. In 1732 he was dismissed as president of Altona after the death of his brother in law, Frederick IV of Denmark.