Christian E. Christiansen

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Christian E. Christiansen
Born (1972-12-14) 14 December 1972 (age 41)
Kalundborg, Denmark

Christian E. Christiansen (born 14 December 1972) is a Danish filmmaker.


A graduate of Kalundborg Gymnasium and the National Film School of Denmark, he worked in lower positions on a number of Danish films before producing his first hit movie, Nynne (2005), a comedy directed by Jonas Elmer. He then produced and directed the social realist drama Råzone (2006, aka Life Hits), which was nominated for a Bodil Award as Best Film, and nominated for two Robert Awards as Best Children/Family Film, as well as for Best Director. His short film Om natten (2007, aka At Night), which he wrote and directed, was nominated for an Oscar as Best Short Film (Live-Action). Christiansen made his Hollywood debut with the critically panned thriller The Roommate in 2011.

Christian is set to direct the upcoming commune thriller Where the Devil Hides. Filming begins in early spring 2012. The project is being produced by Liddell Entertainment.

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