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Christian Electoral Community (German: Christliche Wählergemeinschaft, CWG) is a Christian ultra-conservative political grouping in Austria. The CWG was formed on December 8, 1989 in Mariazell, by voters who thought the conservative ÖVP was too leftist. The CWG defines itself as a party of the Christian centre.

As of 2006, the party is led by Karl Angerer.

The CWG promotes military neutrality and sees environmental protection as the protection of God's creation. The group is pro-life and strongly opposes abortion. Other tenets include opposition to the EU and its expansion, pornography, genetic engineering, nuclear energy, heavy freight transportation (Transitverkehr) and euthanasia.


In the 2002 parliamentary elections CWG had candidates only in Vorarlberg. It got 2009 votes (1.02% of the votes in Vorarlberg, 0.04% of the national vote). In the municipal elections of Vienna in 2005 the CWG did not participate, but recommended users to vote for the far-right FPÖ under Heinz-Christian Strache.

There has been some speculation that the CWG might fuse itself with the FPÖ. Contacts to the ÖVP also exist: for example, in the Viennese elections of 2005, anti-abortionist Gudrun Kugler-Lang was allowed to run on the ÖVP list.

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