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Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) is a non-denominational mega-church located in Evansville, Indiana. David Niednagel, the current senior pastor, founded the church in 1974. As of August 2007 the church has an average weekly attendance of 2,800 adults."[1]

Mission statement[edit]

The Church believes that, "What we believe is the DNA that makes up who we are as a church family. It determines what we do and explains why we do it. Our core values are anchored firmly upon the foundational beliefs in the sovereignty of God and the supremacy of Christ which have been revealed in God's authoritative Word. These eternal and unchanging truths affirm that we exist to bring glory to God in all things." The Church also has another 15 listed beliefs and values central to the church."[2]

Their mission as a church is to produce a "multiplying movement of fully functioning followers of the Lord Jesus Christ."


David Niednagel was originally the youth pastor of a local Presbyterian Church. However, after two years he decided to found CFC due to his more conservative views. The church's first meeting drew nearly 450 people without the use of advertising or invitations. Since then the weekly attendance has grown to nearly 2,800 adults as well as many infants, children and youth."[1]

Services and Meeting[edit]

CFC's Worship Center Services are at 5:30 PM on Saturdays and at 9:15 and 10:45 AM on Sundays. A Classic Venue Service is also held in the Chapel at 8:00 AM on Sundays.


The Children's Ministry offers classrooms for infants up to fifth graders. The current Children's Ministry Director is Greg Myers. The classrooms are open on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings at 9:15 and 10:45.


CFC offers classes for Middle School (at 9:15 AM) and High School (at 10:51 AM) on Sundays. The Middle School class is called Vertical and is led by Seth Easterday. The High School group, now known as hsm@cfc, is currently led by Ben Taylor. Both groups host average weekly attendance of around 150.

College and Adult[edit]

The college-age group meets at 9:15 AM on Sunday mornings in Room 434 for a class called "Organic". Most college-age young adults attend service during the 10:45 AM service. The College-age group is currently led by Josh Schuler. CFC also has a young adults ministry which meets semi-regularly.


F3 Groups[edit]

F3 Groups (similar to cell groups) are a major part of the church's ministry to its members. The Church considers the ministry central to how CFC runs. Its purpose is to create "Fully Functioning Followers of Christ" Jeff Hudson is the current director of the ministry.


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