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Christian Gyldenløve (1674–1703) was one of five illegitimate children fathered by Christian V of Denmark with Sophie Amalie Moth. The others, all named Gyldenløve, were:

  • Christiane Gyldenløve (1672–1689)
  • Sophie Christiane Gyldenløve (1675–1684)
  • Anna Christiane Gyldenløve (1676–1689)
  • Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve (1678–1719), Count of Samsø. Not to be confused with the son of Christian IV.

Christian Gyldenløve distinguished himself in both foreign and Danish military service and established himself as the Danish Count Danneskiold-Samsøe, which descended from his second marriage. His second spouse was Dorothea Krag, who took over his post of royal General Postmaster. His daughter Frederikke Louise from his first marriage married a royal kinsman, Christian August, Duke of Augustenburg.


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