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Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) is a private, independent Christian school serving 900 students, located in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois. The school serves families who live in 71 surrounding cities. CLA has grades preschool through twelfth grade and was founded in 1968 under the auspices of the Church of Christian Liberty. The Church of Christian Liberty provides oversight for the school as one of its ministries, though students and parents are not required to be members or attend the church.


CLA is accredited by American Federation of Christian Colleges and Schools rather than by the United States government, believing that the government is too intrusive. CLA strives to teach every class from a Christian perspective, stating that "All that one does is to be to the glory of God." The school holds high academic standards. Small class sizes allow for more direct attention from the well-trained teachers who provide both a solid education and, when needed, counsel for the students, all from a Christian perspective. Although staff and students are not required to attend the Church of Christian Liberty, all students from preschool through highschool are taught the values of Christianity including obedience to God, respect for parents and teachers, responsibility to their country, and love for others. CLA also offers students a variety of extra-curricular activities including growing sports, arts, and theater programs. At CLA, students have an opportunity to learn and grow, both academically and spiritually, in a community of those who are seeking to further develop their God-given strengths and talents.


Christian Liberty Academy was founded in 1968 in the basement of Prospect Heights, Illinois' Church of Christian Liberty. Its first year, about 60 children attended. According to the school's official website, the school was founded "as the result of the dissatisfaction of the church with government education and the desire for Christian education". The original headmaster was Paul Lindstrom.

At first, only classes for kindergarten through ninth grade were provided; later, the school also opened to high school-age students. The school quickly became too large for its location; in 1985, the school was moved to the former location of Arlington Heights High School.

A satellite school was established in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in 1970. The first headmaster was John H. Vouga. The school moved to larger quarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin in the fall of 1972. It ceased operations in 1989. "Pupils Toe The Line at Liberty Academy.

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