Christian W.E. Haub

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Christian Wilhelm Erich Haub
Born 1964; 51 years ago (1964)
Tacoma, Washington
Nationality American
Education Master's Degree in Social and Economic Sciences
Alma mater University of Vienna
Occupation President & Chairman of Emil Capital Partners, LLC.
Director, BrightFarms, Inc.
Home town Greenwich, Connecticut
Religion Jesuit[1]
Spouse(s) Liliane Haub
Children Marie-Liliane
Parents Erivan Haub
Helga Haub

Christian W.E. Haub was the CEO of Montvale, New Jersey's Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P).

Mr. Haub was a member of the Board of The Great Atlantic & Pacific from December 3, 1991 until February 22, 2002.[2] He served as CEO, Executive Chairman of the Board of the Company (the Executive Chairman ), and Chair of the Executive Committee. Mr. Haub served as Executive Chairman of the Company since August 15, 2005. Prior thereto Mr. Haub served as Chief Executive Officer of the Company since May 1, 1998 and Chairman of the Board since May 1, 2001. In addition, Mr. Haub also served as President of the Company from December 7, 1993 through February 24, 2002, and from November 4, 2002 through November 15, 2004. Mr. Haub is a partner and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tengelmann. Mr. Haub was a member (at the request of the Company) of the Board of Directors of Metro, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and was on the board of directors of the Food Marketing Institute and the board of trustees of St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To date, Mr. Haub is Chairman and President of Emil Capital Partners.

In 2009, Haub was honored as Grand Marshal at the German-American Steuben Parade in New York City, the largest celebration of German-American Friendship in the United States. He was greeted by thousands of fans alongside Fifth Avenue. Co-Grand Marshals included Congressman Michael McMahon and Fox 5 TV reporter Linda Schmidt.[3]

He recently made a partnership with The Children's Health Fund, founded by singer songwriter Paul Simon and Irwin Redlener, MD.[4]


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