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Christianity has through Church history produced a number of Christian creeds, confessions and statements of faith. The following lists are provided.

In many cases, individual churches will address further doctrinal questions in a set of bylaws[1]. Smaller churches see this as a formality, while churches of a larger size build this to be a large document describing the practical functioning of the church.

Biblical creeds[edit]

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Primary Creeds[edit]

Creed Date Accepted by Original name Notes Link to text
Apostles' Creed 200-900 Nearly all Christian denominations Lat.: Symbolum Apostolorum or Symbolum Apostolicum Product of the Roman Christians around A.D.180, who developed an early form of the Apostles' Creed to refute Marcion. Wikisource-logo.svg "Apostles' Creed".
Creed of Nicaea 325 Product of the first ecumenical council in Nicaea which tried to solve the Arian controversy.[1]
Creed of Jerusalem 350 Nearly all Christian denominations Cyril of Jerusalem
Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed 381 Nearly all Christian denominations Expansion and revision of the 325 Creed of Nicaea. Refutes apollinarism and a later addition, the Filioque clause, resulted in disagreements between Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. Wikisource-logo.svg "Nicene Creed".
Chalcedonian Creed 451 Council of Chalcedon
Athanasian Creed 500 Nearly all Christian denominations Lat.: Quicumque vult Wikisource-logo.svg "Athanasian Creed".

Interdenominational Creeds[edit]

Creeds of major denominations[edit]





Assemblies of God[edit]


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Christian Church - Disciples of Christ[edit]

  • Mission, Vision and Confession[2]


Evangelical Free Church of America[edit]


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America[edit]


Presbyterian Church[edit]

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)[edit]

United Church of Canada[edit]

United Methodist[edit]



Puritan & Pilgrim[edit]


Roman Catholic[edit]

United Church of Christ[edit]

Creeds of Smaller Denominations[edit]


The denomination holds the New Testament as its only creed.

Holy Ghost Fathers[edit]

Latter Day Saints (Mormons)[edit]


Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)[edit]

Salvation Army[edit]

Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa[edit]

Waldensian Evangelical Church[edit]

Creeds of Historical Denominations[edit]

These are no longer active denominations but played a role in history.


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