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Christian of Prachatice (Czech: Křišťan z Prachatice) (1360–1368, Prachatice, Kingdom of Bohemia – 4 September 1439, Prague, Kingdom of Bohemia) was a medieval Bohemian astronomer, mathematician and former Catholic priest who converted to the Hussite movement. He was the author of several books about medicine and herbs, and contributed to the field of astronomy with many papers and data recordings.



  • De composicione astrolabii
  • De utilitate (usu) astrolabii
  • Regula ad fixanda festa mobilia
  • Algorismus prosaycus.
  • Computus chirometralis
  • Antidotar
  • Herbularium


  • Theriak-Pest-Traktat
  • Arzneibüchlein des Magisters Christian von Prachatitz

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