Christianity in Jharkhand

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Christianity is a minority religion in Jharkhand, a state of India. Most people in Jharkhand are Hindus. Jharkhand is known for tribal areas. A Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ranchi exists. St. Mary's Cathedral in Ranchi has been a cathedral since 1909. [1] The Church of North India has a Diocese of Chota Nagpur with a seat at Ranchi. The Church of North India has a St. Paul's Cathedral in Ranchi. [2] Gossner Theological College is in Jharkhand. Many Kharia are Christians. [3] The then pope visited Ranchi in 1986. [4] The Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chotanagpur & Assam has its seat in Ranchi. [5] Dhanbad has Orthodox Churches. [6] Christian missionaries arrived in today's Jharkhand in 1845. [7]

Churches & Ministry[edit]

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