Christina Gerarda Enschedé

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Still life with fruit, 1829

Christina Gerarda Enschedé (1791 – 1873) was a 19th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands.


She was born in Haarlem as the fifth of nine children and the third daughter of Johannes Enschedé Jr. and his wife Johanna Elisabeth Swaving. After her father's early death in 1799 she became a partner in the family business, but did not take an active part in the daily proceedings. She and her sister Sandrina took drawing lessons and were active in the theater societies of their mother. The Teylers Museum has watercolor paintings by both women.[1] She made paintings of flowers and fruit in the manner of Vincent Jansz van der Vinne and gave one to Jan van Walré in 1829 who wrote a poem about it.[1]

According to the RKD she is known for fruit and flower still life paintings that are mostly dated around 1830.[2] She signed her works C. Enschedé or C.G. Enschedé.[2] She never married, and lived in a house near the family business on the Oude Groenmarkt behind the St. Bavochurch, where she is buried in the family grave.[1]

Izaak Enschedé 1681–1761
Johannes Enschedé Sr. 1708–1780
Johannes Enschedé Jr. 1750–1799 married to Johanna Elisabeth Swaving 1754-1826
Jacobus Enschedé 1753–1783
Abraham Enschedé 1760–1820
Johannes Enschedé III 1785-1866 Christiaan Justus Enschedé 1788–1829 Christina Gerardus Enschedé 1791-1873
Jacobus Enschedé II 1787-1865
Johannes Enschedé IV 1811-1878
Adriaan Justus Enschedé 1829-1896
Jan Justus Enschedé 1807-1887