Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden

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Princess Christina Ingesdotter
Spouse Mstislav I of Kiev
House House of Stenkil (by birth)
Rurik dynasty (by marriage)
Father Inge the Elder
Mother Helena, Queen of Sweden
Born 11th century
Died 18 January 1122(1122-01-18)

Princess Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden (Swedish: Kristina Ingesdotter) (11th century – 18 January 1122) was a Swedish princess and a princess consort of Veliky Novgorod, Rostov and Belgorod, by marriage to Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev.

Christina was the daughter of King Inge the Elder of Sweden and Queen Helena.[1] Helena was the sister of Blot-Sven King of Sweden.

Christine was married to Mstislav, who was prince of Veliky Novgorod, Rostov and Belgorod during their marriage, thereby giving her the equivalent titles. According to Vasily Tatishchev they married in 1095. Polish historian Dariusz Dąbrowski stated that Tatischev didn't base on reliable source. Christina married Mstislav between 1090 and 1096.[1]

Christine died on January 18, 1122.[1] Three years after her death, her spouse Mstislav became Grand Prince of Kiev.


Christina and Mstislav had ten children:

  1. Ingeborg of Kiev, married Canute Lavard of Jutland, and was mother to Valdemar I of Denmark
  2. Malmfred, married (1) Sigurd I of Norway; (2) Eric II of Denmark
  3. Eupraxia, married Alexius Comnenus, son of John II Comnenus
  4. Vsevolod of Novgorod and Pskov
  5. Maria, married Vsevolod II of Kiev
  6. Iziaslav II of Kiev
  7. Rostislav of Kiev
  8. Sviatopolk of Pskov
  9. Rogneda, married Yaroslav of Volinya
  10. Xenia, married Briachislav of Izyaslawl


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