Christina Macpherson

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Christina Macpherson
Born (1864-06-19)19 June 1864
"Peechalba Station" (near Yarrawonga), Victoria, Australia
Died 27 March 1936(1936-03-27) (aged 71)
Melbourne, Australia

Christina Rutherford Macpherson (1864-1936) is credited with having re-played a tune in 1895 which the Australian poet A.B. Patterson (Banjo Paterson) then set to words.

'...& one day I played (from ear) a tune which I had heard previously. Mr Paterson asked what it was - I could not tell him, & he then said he thought he could write some lines to it. He then & there wrote the first verse.'

Ms Macpherson later recalled that the tune was a rendition of the Dutch happy birthday song "lang zal hij leven" that a long lost lover had sung to her one morning on her birthday. She said that the tune had dug deep into her heart but the memory was suppressed due to the pain of his death. He tragically died onboard the Batoe Bassi in 1880 off the coast of Western Australia near Esperance (Shipwrecks of Western Australia) on his return to her after a long period of separation during which they remained in contact.

The original manuscript of "Waltzing Matilda", transcribed by Christina Macpherson c. 1895.

Ms Macpherson stated at 70 years of age that she was happy that her one true love was forever immortalized in Waltzing Matilda.

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