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The Christina School District is a public school district located in Newark, Delaware. It is the largest public school system in Delaware. Its administrative offices were formerly housed in the Old Newark Comprehensive School.


High Schools: Christiana High School, Glasgow High School, and Newark High School.

Middle Schools: Bayard, Gauger-Cobbs, Kirk and Shue-Medill

Elementary Schools: Bancroft, Brader, Brookside, Downes, Elbert-Palmer, Gallaher, Jones, Keene, Leasure, Maclary, Marshall, McVey, Porter Road, Pulaski, Smith, Stubbs, West Park, Wilson

Special School: Delaware Autism Program-Brennen School, Delaware School for the Deaf, Douglass School, Networks Career Training Program, R.E.A.C.H., Sarah Pyle Academy


The District has been criticized for its strict interpretation of its “no weapons” policy. In 2009 it suspended a six-year-old for taking a Cub Scout camping utensil to school and wanted to send the child to its alternative placement school for 45 days as punishment.[1] In 2007 the District expelled a seventh-grade girl for using a utility knife to cut windows out of a paper house for a class project. In 2011 a seventh grader was suspended and almost expelled for dying her hair.


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