Christina of Saxony

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Christina of Saxony
Queen consort of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
1462 Christine.jpg
Spouse John of Denmark
Issue Christian II
Elizabeth, Electress of Brandenburg
Jacob the Dacian (disputed)
House House of Wettin
Father Ernst, Elector of Saxony
Mother Elisabeth of Bavaria
Born 25 December 1461
Died 8 December 1521 (age 59)
Burial St. Canute's Cathedral
Religion Roman Catholicism

Christina of Saxony (b. Torgau, 25 December 1461 – d. Odense, 8 December 1521), was a Saxon princess who became Queen consort of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. She was born a granddaughter of Frederick the Gentle of Saxony, and daughter of Ernest, Elector of Saxony and Elisabeth of Bavaria. She was the grandmother of Christina of Denmark through her son Christian II.


She was married to John, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden on 6 September 1478. She became queen of Denmark in 1481, but was not crowned until 1483, when she had become queen of Norway also. She was Queen consort of Denmark and Norway from 1483 to 1513 and of Sweden from 1497 to 1501.

She was the mother of Christian II, Franciscus, Knud and Elizabeth, who later married Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg, and (probably) also of Jacob the Dacian.

In 1497, her husband was made king of Sweden. In 1499, Christina was crowned queen of Sweden in Uppsala. In 1500, Queen Christina was made regent in Sweden during her husband's absence from this country. This year meant a break in her marriage, when her husband became involved in a relationship with her lady-in-waiting, Edel Jernskjæg. When a rebellion broke out in Sweden against Denmark and the Kalmar union in 1501, Christina was besieged in the castle of Tre Kronor in Stockholm. She surrendered on 9 May 1502, after the Danish soldiers had been reduced from 1,000 men to 70 by sickness and starvation. When she surrendered her position, she turned herself over to lady Ingeborg Tott, who met her at the castle and followed her to a convent. She was taken prisoner by Sten Sture the Elder and held at Vadstena Abbey until the peace negotiations with her husband was completed in 1503, after which she was released and returned to Denmark. From 1503, Anne Meinstrup was head lady-in-waiting of her court. In 1504, she made a pilgrimage to Germany, and also visited her daughter there. After her return to Denmark, she lived the rest of her life separated from her spouse and had her own separate court at Næsbyhoved. She was interested in art and music, and was a critical Catholic who wished for a reformation of the church and benefitted the order of Franciscus and Saint Clare. She became a widow in 1513.

Christina of Saxony died in 8 December 1521, aged 59.


Christina and John had five or six children:

  1. John, born 1479, died as a child
  2. Ernst, born 1480, died as a child
  3. Christian II (1481–1559), King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Duke of Schleswig and Holstein
  4. Jacob the Dacian (1484–1566), possibly illegitimate
  5. Elizabeth of Denmark (1485–1555), married to Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg
  6. Francis (1497–1511)



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Christina of Saxony
Born: 25 December 1461 Died: 8 December 1521
Royal titles
Preceded by
Dorothea of Brandenburg
Queen consort of Denmark
Title next held by
Isabella of Austria
Title last held by
Dorothea of Brandenburg
Queen consort of Norway
Title last held by
Christina Abrahamsdotter
Queen consort of Sweden