Christina of Denmark, Queen of Norway

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For other people named Christina of Denmark, see Christina of Denmark (disambiguation).

Christina Knutsdatter of Denmark, in Norway known as Kristin Knutsdotter, (c. 1118–1139) was a Danish princess and a Norwegian queen consort, spouse of King Magnus IV of Norway.

Christina was born to Canute Lavard and Ingeborg of Kiev. Her marriage to Magnus was arranged by her maternal aunt, Malmfred, former Queen of Norway and the former stepmother of Magnus, and at the time the wife of Christina's paternal uncle Eric. Christina was engaged in 1131, and the marriage took place in 1132/33.

King Magnus supported the struggle of her father Canute and uncle Eric against King Niels of Denmark. In 1133, Eric and Malmfrid fled Denmark for Norway and the protection of Magnus. After Queen Christina, however, found out that Magnus had plans to betray them, she warned them and Eric and Malmfrid allied themselwes with Magnus' rival, Harald IV of Norway. King Magnus then separated from Queen Christina.



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Preceded by
Queen consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Ingrid Ragnvaldsdotter